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Thursday, January 27, 2005

What's the appeal of WoW?

I've been spending a bit of time thinking about this. Why is this game so addictive? What is it that makes me YEARN to play? Here are some of the reasons in no particular order:

1. Death is not the end - aka immortality
When you die, it's just a little hiccough in your life, it's not horribly monumental. Just go find your body and try not to do it again for a while.

2. Satisfaction of a job well done - Completion
Everytime I get a task and complete it, the person thanks me for it and rewards me somehow, even if it's just XP.

3. Clear objectives and list of things to do
It's obvious if you have succeeded or failed. There is a counter which keeps track and keeps you on task. Also, if you don't know how to find something, just ask on the main channel, or look it up on one of the many websites with helpful tips and cheats.

4. No one remembers your failures
If you fail a quest, you can simply abandon it. Then, when you're ready, go back to the person and pick it up again. They don't judge you for failing, in fact, they don't even remember that they already gave that to you once before.

5. Procrastination rarely penalized
If I don't clean the kitchen, something may walk out of my refrigerator when company stops by. But if I take a few weeks to go kill something in the game, the only penalty is fewer XP points.

6. Be your own boss
Since we are basically self employed, and can choose which jobs to take and when to do them. You can also choose not to do something you simply don't like to do.

7. Unlimited World Travel
Nothing stops you from travelling the world. It is free to stay at an inn, they always have room, flights are pretty cheap ad sometimes even free, boats are free

8. Satisfaction of learning and growing
You get to learn and grow all the time. Once you're trained in a profession, you just keep practicing and you never mess up. Everyone can be a great cook, fisherman or physician. And the primary professions can be quite lucrative.

9. Commerce and economic education
I have learned more about commerce since I started playing this game. I like being the middle man, I get lots of money that way.

10. Pets without allergies
They follow you around and look cute. They don't get lost, and when you think they've run away, just check the crate... they are there! No sneezing or itching or complaining.

11. No fear of being maimed
I can be less than a millimeter from death, or even die, and all I have to do is eat something, take a potion, apply a bandage, or magically be healed. No broken bones, no road rash, no gaping wounds, no loss of limb.

12.... I think I'll just have to keep adding to this list over time...


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