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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Previous post summary

January 04 - 7:08 PM
WoW or Sleep, one of them has to go

I confess, I'm addicted. Like nothing ever before, I LOVE THIS GAME!
I enjoyed Zelda immensely. I liked KOTOR as well. Fable was nice. WoW is FLAT ADDICTIVE!
A coworker asked what I liked to do before, and I told him I like people, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. He gave me a great quote: People are cool, but that was before WoW.

December 22 - 4:23 PM
Server Maintenance
Note to self: don't bother coming home early from work to play WOW, they do server maintenance then! DOH!

December 14 - 5:44 PM
Finally, success! Now, should I be the human, dark elf, or create a new character?

5:43 PM
Hurray! I connected! But I was immediately disconnected. :(

5:35 PM
Oh no! They just posted an update that the servers are coming down (or have come down) but may not be back up for an hour! I could have stayed late at work and done something productive!
Tragic, just simply tragic. I have to meet a friend at 7PM, but I was hoping to go do something useful during that time... Oh, what? It's just a game? I could spend the time studying or cleaning or doing something useful? Pishah. Get a life.

5:32 PM
Misery loves company
I wonder how many other people are as sad as I am? I just tried again, which I'm sure is not helping their situation over at WOW. Too bad there's not a pre-login forum for us to commiserate and whine about how much we miss our characters, how eager we are to go kill that evil baddie beast, and in all ways put as much pressure as we can on the poor saps who have to fix the brokenness. I just hope it's not a scale issue. That would be incredibly bad planning on their part if it is.

5:29 PM
Technical difficulties
I came home, all excited to go play some WOW, but they are having login server issues. How sad. I'm very sad.
Still, no luck. Those poor OPS guys must be freaking out at WOW online. At least, I hope they are freaking out. I'm just so sad.

December 13 - 12:03 AM
New character
I got to play with some other friends on Saturday. Zinoviev & I created new human characters and played until 4AM. Yikes!
The new character is a human priest. She's much better as a support person than a melee person, it's better if I just heal people and cast a spell or two instead of rushing in to get slaughtered.
I chose a name I used with KOTOR 1, which is also where this name comes from. Although, it was Rah Si Kun with strange characters, but my husband pointed out that the h should be in the last name. I think next time, I will just have two h's for kicks.
But I'm surprised how many human female characters have names starting with Me.
Meh le Kun was the KOTOR 1 character, so MeLeKuhn is the WOW character. My friend Mehlena is a human paladin and my other friend Lewstring is a human mage. It's his first time with an MMLRPG so he's having fun learning and dying. I hope he keeps at it, it can take a while to get the hang of things.

December 08 - 12:25 AM
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft is an amazing game. I even enjoy the occasional bug I come across.
My character is a Dark Elf Druid. My husband Zinoviev bought WOW for me last week and I'm already level 16. I'm also quite tired. ;)
I have learned the professions of herbalism and alchemy, and secondary cooking and fishing. I wish real life was as easy at this!


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