Advanced Characters

   Night Elf Druid
   Level 70

   * Herbalism
   * Alchemy
   Troll Mage
   Level: 70

   * Enchanting
   * Herbalism
   Orc Shaman
   Level 70

   * Mining
   * Skinning 
    Gnome Warlock
    Level: 70
    Server: Kirin Tor

    Professions -
    * Herbalism
    * Alchemy
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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Warlocks made it to Level 30!

Despite the Horde enjoyment of ganking my little team, they hit 30 tonight and I was able to enjoy my first Level 30 mounts.
Aside: It's so unfair... all the other characters I've leveled had to wait until 40. I'm turning into one of those old folks - "Heh, I leveled a druid to level 60, when they were hard!" and "I remember when Mor'ladim would spot you clear on the other side of the map and hunt you down even before he appeared on your screen... and he was a 35 elite!" and I'm sure I could go on and on and on...
I switched away from mainly using elaborate macros to mostly key bindings. It's much easier to know which button does what with which modifier now!

Monday, October 20, 2008

All together dead

To make a long story short, I didn't realize there was a new boat from Stormwind Harbor, so I corpse ran my new level 5 warlocks to Menethil Harbor only to find no boat. Realizing my mistake, I quickly hearthed and got on the boat to Auberdine, and lined up in X formation to await the boat from the Draenei lands... Only to discover a level 70 undead priest running off the boat, and hitting one holy nova... My pvp flag was still on. Oops! But nice one for him!

Monday, June 30, 2008

The other computer

Some have wondered what my set up looks like. This is the view on my second box, the one that runs the four.
In this shot, the Lemmings had recently been buffed red by the air totem giver (level 30).
My buttons have changed a bit over time, but I mostly use macros to bind the keys to different mod keys, like shift, alt, and ctrl, and some are rshift, lalt, etc.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Revenge on the Devilsaur

One of my first experiences with this beast was sudden death. It was rather rude, I thought. I had been stealthed and everything, but it was 5 levels above me and I had sat down to eat (as I ran off to get something in real life and asked my husband to watch my character for a moment - he said he heard a roar and two stomps...)

Tonight, one of these beasts took notice of my shaman team. They're level 51, he was 55 elite. I quickly dropped my stoneclaw totems, and turned around to see how well I would do. To my surprise, I killed him and none of the crew were missing! I then went on a Devilsaur rampage, I now have 8 hides in my collection!

Since it never happened unless there's a screenshot, here you go! This was devilsaur death #6, as I was escorting a goblin back to Marshall's Refuge.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

They look like Lemmings to me

My exercise in micro manage ment is quite enjoyable. What may be the most entertaining is the random comments I get from people thinking I'm either botting or cheating or a man. I point them to the EULA & Blizzard web sites and quickly run off to some other place. But chatting with real people who want to try the same thing is fun.

The girls now have a guild (thanks to all who helped!) and a tabard, perhaps now they will be seen as real players? Perhaps not.
Anyway, information about how to do this is at Hardware and software are the easy part, configuring your macros for your play style are the hard part! And, figuring out the healer... That's tough.
What I really enjoy is the full compliment of professions every time I play. Need to pick a weed, no problem! Oh, a vein - got it! Skin that beast, you bet! Disenchant that BOP item - got that too. Blacksmithing and Engineering are lagging a bit, but I'll try to work on those next time I play. It's nice to have someone to open those locked chests in the party!


Friday, May 02, 2008

Graduated to Multiboxing

In case you wonder about the gap in time since my last posting, I had stopped blogging because I was trying to update my alt manager in the time I wasn't playing wow. Unfortunately, it's still not adequate for public consumption.

Akalakuhn & Ekutakuhn dinged 70 mere moments apart, that's because I played them together. Galankuhn & Dariakuhn enjoy each other's company on occasion these days.

However, after hearing rumors and watching videos and as my latest plan to see the non-solo-able nor dual-able instances, I asked my wonderful husband to create a new box, capable of going further into this obsession. He out did himself, and now I am the proud micro manager of 5 tauren shaman. Everything dies in my path. At level 8, we took out a level 11 with two lightning bolts (each). I can't wait for them to grow up so I can "solo" any instance that is my level. And few things are more impressive than a line of tauren females doing the electric slide in perfect sync!

If you are wondering how I do this, it's because I got help from

Sunday, October 21, 2007

2nd & 3rd 70s mere moments apart

Akalakuhn and Ekutakuhn have been busy! They both turned 70 tonight. Now, I can rest.