Advanced Characters

   Night Elf Druid
   Level 70

   * Herbalism
   * Alchemy
   Troll Mage
   Level: 70

   * Enchanting
   * Herbalism
   Orc Shaman
   Level 70

   * Mining
   * Skinning 
    Gnome Warlock
    Level: 70
    Server: Kirin Tor

    Professions -
    * Herbalism
    * Alchemy
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Melekuhn gets the Chestnut Mare!

Melekuhn hit 40 and borrowed some money from Rasikuhn and Minnikuhn to get her mount. Posted by Hello

Melekuhn in Booty Bay

Melekuhn is sporting her new hat in fashionable Booty Bay Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Melekuhn nears 40

I remember when her favorite thing to do was die. But now, she's a force to be reckonned with, very powerful, capable of holding her own and living to tell about it. Her health rarely goes below half, Improved Powerword: Shield is great!

She hit 39 tonight, but since she has enchanting she's very poor. She's started selling the reagents for enchanting, not only to get money for the mount (planning for a chestnut mare) but to free up bank space! Luckily Minnikuhn sent her a really nice staff that dropped from a wolf in Feralas, not sure what the wolf was doing with the Spiritchaser Staff of Stamina, but Minni knew a great gift for her cousin on sight.

Both Minni and Rasi are planning to send some cash gifts to help with the mount purchase, they'll be short for a while, but they have easy access to enchanting reagents if they ever need them. Besides, it's all in the family, right? ;)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

She should be dancing, yeah!

OniCoKuhn was a big sister to a little orc orphan and took him to see the Throneroom in the Undercity. They both had a good time, and she danced the electric slide for him on the back of the Zepplin. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Defining a hotfix

A hotfix is a specific set of files that are updated. A patch usually has several files that will be updated. For a full release I would expect to have to reinstall.

Why doesn't Blizzard understand this? Why do I have to completely reinstall every single time they fix a single file? I know I only downloaded a small thing, it only took 1 minute. But the update takes forever because I can see it going thru each and every file.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

For the orphans

Akalakuhn went to Orgrimmar today and saw little orc children following other horde members around, so she went to the orphanage and picked one up too.

He wanted to go around and see the world, then get a hoofprint from the Tauren chief and some ice cream, so even though she's very young herself, she spent the time with him and ran all around. It was fun.

So fun, Rasikuhn went to Stormwind and did the same thing by picking up a little human child and showing him around. They went to the lighthouse, the massive dam, and the living tree bank in Darnassas. After getting Jaine Proudmore's autograph and an ice cream, he went back to the orphanage. That was a nice touch.