Advanced Characters

   Night Elf Druid
   Level 70

   * Herbalism
   * Alchemy
   Troll Mage
   Level: 70

   * Enchanting
   * Herbalism
   Orc Shaman
   Level 70

   * Mining
   * Skinning 
    Gnome Warlock
    Level: 70
    Server: Kirin Tor

    Professions -
    * Herbalism
    * Alchemy
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

New fishing poles

Minnikuhn heard rumors about a Big Iron Fishing Pole off the shore of Desolace near a horde encampment. She meant to stop in the auction house to pick up a couple underwater breathing potions, but got distracted by many things, as she is prone to do, and headed off to Desolace without them.

No big deal, although she did drown once, but she found one for herself and another for her friend Melekuhn. Rasikuhn will be making the trip shortly to get one for herself as well.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

PvP "Honor" system - hogwash

This new PvP Honor system is nothing short of irritating. If I wanted to go to town and find all the quest givers dead, battling or otherwise unavailable, I would have gone to a PvP server. Now, the opposite faction thinks it's fun to descimate a small town where newbie characters are trying to level. How impressive, that you and 50 of your friends can come to a little town and kill the whole population of about 20. Yeah, that's cool, oh, wait, I mean "kewl". What is that?

I'm not against raids. I think it's interesting to watch factions go into major cities and try to see how far they can get. But come on! Go somewhere that requires a little challenge.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Patch days

Patch days are so sad. No one can play, everyone is taking up internet bandwidth with a massive download from a few central servers. And while we wait, we have to revert to our old hobbies or doing something useful with our time, like cleaning the house? There's laundry to do... Or perhaps reading or watching a movie would be a good use of my time? But I'd rather blog about my woes instead. ;) Perhaps I'll call a friend who understands. I can't even access the wow website to whine with the other hundreds of thousands of disgruntled patch prisoners.

Zino bought me a notebook cooler, which is very nice, it makes playing on my laptop bearable. He also added more memory, which is very nice, but I really notice when I don't use the cooler.

IxaZaKuhn on the back of the Ogrimar Zepplin

IxaZaKuhn went to the other continent to run some quests, and she hit level 17 while over there. She is looking for wool to make 8 slot bags with. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Periannath and Minnikuhn

Minnikuhn ran into Periannath (aka Rasikuhn's friend Giliath) and they went questing in Desolace together. She's a gnome warlock with Mining and Engineering. Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

MinNiKuhn hits 40

She only had to borrow 20 gold from RaSiKuhn for this (plus a couple training skills). She went with the green one after all, although she had planned on getting the red one all along, until she noticed it was mostly yellow and changed her mind. But now she's able to quickly run to places! Posted by Hello